Jurnal Nasional Teknik Elektro (JNTE) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published by Department of Electrical Engineering, Universitas Andalas. The printing ISSN number (p-ISSN) is 2302-2949 and the electronic ISSN (e-ISSN) is 2407-7267. The prefix Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is 10.25077. OAI: http://jnte.ft.unand.ac.id/index.php/jnte/oai

The first edition was in 2012 and since 2016 JNTE publishes in March, July and November. JNTE publishes research papers in the area of

  • Electrical power and energy
  • Telecommunication and Signal Processing
  • Control automation and Robotic

JNTE is nationally accredited with GRADE 3 by Director General of Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Number: 10/E/KPT/2019). JNTE is indexed by: Sinta (S3), DOAJGoogle Scholar and Portal Garuda. The manuscript can be written in Indonesian or English. 

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Vol 9, No 1: March 2020

Table of Contents

Electrical Power and Energy

Sizing methodology for hybrid photovoltaic/hydrogen system using Deterministic balance method(DBM) PDF
Alaa Emad El Din Selim, Mohamed El-Shimy, Ghada Amer 1 – 11
Design and Implementation of Series Resonant DC-DC Converter PDF
Firmansyah Nur Budiman, Arridha Amrad 28 – 33


Aplikasi Identifikasi Huruf Braille Menggunakan Computer Vision Berbasis Raspberry Pi PDF
Ramiati Ramiati, Siska Aulia, Lifwarda Lifwarda 12 – 20


Pengendalian Mobile Robot Non-Holonomic Berdasarkan Gestur Jari Menggunakan Template Matching PDF
Ali Rizal Chaidir, Dedy Wahyu Herdiyanto, Guido Dias Kalandro 21 – 27
Implementasi Metode Deteksi Tepi Laplacian dan Jarak Euclidean untuk Identifikasi Tanda Tangan PDF
Mas Aly Afandi, Sevia Indah Purnama, Risa Farid Crisianti 34 – 43

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