Jurnal Nasional Teknik Elektro (JNTE) is a peer-reviewed journal which is published by Department of Electrical Engineering, Universitas Andalas. The printing ISSN number (p-ISSN) is 2302-2949 and the electronic ISSN (e-ISSN) is 2407-7267. The prefix Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is 10.25077. OAI: http://jnte.ft.unand.ac.id/index.php/jnte/oai

The first edition was in 2012 and since 2016 JNTE publishes in March, July and November. JNTE publishes research papers in the area of

  • Electrical power and energy
  • Telecommunication and Signal Processing
  • Control automation and Robotic

JNTE is nationally accredited with GRADE 3 by Director General of Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Number: 10/E/KPT/2019). JNTE is indexed by: Sinta (S3), DOAJGoogle Scholar and Portal Garuda. The manuscript can be written in Indonesian or English. 

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Vol 8, No 3: November 2019

Table of Contents

Electrical Power and Energy

Cover Vol. 8, No. 3, November 2019 PDF
Jurnal Nasional Teknik Elektro
Penentuan Posisi Sudut Matahari Menggunakan ANFIS dalam Aplikasi Tracker Panel Surya PDF
Muhammad Irfan, Ilham Pakaya, Amrul Faruq 89 – 96
Analisa Potensi Embung Itera Sebagai Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Pico Hydro (PLTPH) PDF
Dean Corio 97 – 103
Potential for Energy Savings in Educational Institutions in Ghana PDF
Elvis Twumasi, Emmanuel Asuming Frimpong, Leslie Novihoho 119 – 126
Kinerja Panel Surya Apung Pada Kulong Pasca Tambang Timah PDF
Rika Favoria Gusa, M. Yonggi Puriza, Yuant Tiandho, Wahri Sunanda 136 – 141


The Use of Instrumentation Amplifiers and Voltage-to-Current Converter In a Process Control : Simulation and Implementation PDF
Arief Wisnu Wardhana, Mulki Indana Zulfa 104 – 118
Analisa Kinerja Automatic Voltage Regulator Dalam Domain Waktu Menggunakan Metoda Ziegler-Nichols Dengan Pendekatan First Order Plus Dead Time PDF
Heru Dibyo Laksono, N. Riska, Novizon Novizon 127 – 135

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