Perkiraan Kestabilan Tegangan Secara Dinamis Menggunakan Eksponen Lyapunov Maksimum

M. Widi Triyatno, Osea Zebua, I Made Ginarsa


Disturbances in the operation of the power system may cause disturbance in voltage stability. Therefore, dynamic voltage stability analysis before and after disturbance needs to be performed. This paper proposes dynamic voltage stability prediction using maximum Lyapunov exponent with Lampung’s electrical system as case study. Voltage stability simulation is performed with various types of disturbances that occur at line between of Baturaja substation and Bukit Kemuning substation. Time-series data of voltage measurement of simulation results at GI Baturaja is applied for voltage stability prediction analysis using maximum Lyapunov exponent. With the same number of data samples and the same time for circuit breakers to interrupt disturbances, the simulation results using maximum Lyapunov exponent show that the voltage can be stabilized at 1.7 seconds after the occurrence of the three-phase disturbance, at 1.2 seconds after the occurrence of the phase-to-ground disturbance, at 0,9 second after the occurrence of the disturbance between phase, at 1.2 seconds after the occurrence of the loss of line disturbance and 1.4 seconds after the occurrence of the loss of load disturbance. The amount of data samples used in analysis affect the time for the voltage reaches stability.

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