Comparative Study of Three Linear System Solver Applied to Fast Decoupled Load Flow Method for Contigency Analysis

Syafii Syafii, Hanalde Andre


This  paper  presents the  assessment  of  fast  decoupled load flow computation using three linear system solver scheme. The full matrix version of the  fast  decoupled  load flow  based on XB  methods used in this study.  The numerical investigations are carried out  on  the  small and large test systems.  The execution time of small system such as IEEE 14, 30, and 57 are very fast, therefore the computation time can not be compared  for these cases.  Another cases IEEE 118, 300 and TNB 664 produced significant execution speedup. The superLU factorization sparse matrix solver has best performance and speedup of load flow solution as well as in contigency analysis. The invers full matrix solver can solved only for IEEE 118 bus test system in 3.715 second and for another cases take too long time. However for superLU factorization linear solver can solved all of test system in 7.832 second for a largest of test system. Therefore the superLU factorization linear solver can be a viable alternative applied in contingency analysis.

Keywords : Fast Decoupled Load Flow, Contigency Analysis, and Linear System Solver

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