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Mumuh Muharam, Mahendri Saputra


Conventional control of electronic devices that still use manual on and off switches will limit the ability of public to  achieve energy saving. Therefore, application of automatic controller in form of smart home will make energy saving effort will easier to achieve.  This paper aims to design a system with concept of Internet of Things (IoT) for smart home application, by implementing a small computer device named Raspberry Pi which is used as server and control system. The principle of this system is to control electronic devices in a building through a local website using local internet network via a smart phone. The test results  show that the system is able to control 7 high voltage AC electronic equipment and 3 DC voltage electronical devices in simultaneously.  The system also able to display the status of each controlled electronics devices.


Keywords : Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Home, Networked Control System (NCS), Raspberry Pi.


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